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Drawn In: Dramatic Encounters With Art  by Michael G. Bausch.

Good art draws us in – to linger, to question, to discuss, to simply enjoy.  It’s also true the artist has “drawn” into an artwork a lifetime of study, practice, reading, and a world of stories and themes.

 This book discusses some of what I've learned about art, architecture, and film after years of study and taking small groups to world-class art museums in Italy, Spain, France, England, the Netherlands, and Greece.

 The story I tell begins with differences I find between "looking" at and "seeing" art, and then moves into descriptions and reflections about selected works in Florence (Michelangelo's David), Bonifacio's Slaughter of the Innocents in Venice, and Bernini's Cathedra Petri in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.

 Following that we take a look at the fascinating stories behind the large obelisk in the middle St. Peter's Square and the course of its long history as a bit of monumental architecture.

 I close out the book with a few short poems from Sicily,  and then a look at what's been "drawn in" Fernando Botero's "Abu Ghraib" and James Cameron's film Avatar. While these are clearly not classical Italian art, I wanted to show how what I learned in my studies of the Italian pieces can be applied to a more modern art exhibit (Botero) and even to a film like Avatar.

The book is now available at Amazon.com in black and white and color paperback editions.  While the color version is a bit more expensive, those who already enjoy art will benefit from the color imagery.


Drawn In: Dramatic Encounters With Art (2017)

Saturday Morning and Other Stories


Feeding Imaginations: Worship That Engages (2015)

Silver Screen Sacred Story: Using Media In Worship (2002)


Everflowing Streams: Songs For Worship

 A Media Sourcebook 


Lecturer in Philosophy Department, University of Wisconsin-Platteville

Specialties: Introduction to the Hebrew Scriptures; Introduction to the New Testament

Adjunct Faculty: Summer Sessions and Online Courses through Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, California

 Adjunct Faculty: The University of Dubuque Theological Seminary, Doctor of Ministry Cohort in Church Revitalization

Online Faculty: Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, Arizona teaching and developing online courses.

Keynote Speaker and Workshop Leader
Blog: offering ideas for using imagery and the arts in church environments



CD Release October 2017:

"You Can't Stop The Music"  featuring 8 original songs and a cover of a Tom Hunter song, recorded with guitars, harmonica, mandolin, keyboard, bass, cello, banjo, fiddle, and vocalists!

Guitar, vocals, and harmonica with:

Hoot N Annie String Band 2019

Hoot N Annie String Band of Madison

 Origins: Solidarity Sing Along, PBS

Acoustic Soup
     City Hall 2012 
    City Hall 2012 #2

The  Wright Combination
     Sandy's 2011
     Celebrate Waupun 2012
     Celebrate Waupun 2013

Tour Leader and Guide:

Organizing and guiding small group trips with Roam With Us to enjoy art museums, antiquities, public architecture, church architecture, fun neighborhood restaurants, public transportation, family-run hotels.

Tours to Rome, Paris, Athens, Madrid, and London

Liturgical Media Artist 

As parish minister encouraging a team approach to share film clips, art, sculpture, architecture, paintings, music, and photography that illustrate themes and tell important stories.

With thanks to the churches I served as pastor, and who encouraged me as I introduced music and imagery into their worship and education.

McFarland United Church of Christ, McFarland, Wisconsin

St. John's United Churches of Christ in Hartford and Slinger, Wisconsin.

Summit Congregational United Church of Christ, Dubuque, Iowa

Union-Congregational Church (UCC) of Waupun, Wisconsin

United Church of Christ (Congregational) of Williams Bay, Wisconsin

First Congregational Church (UCC) of Redwood City, California

California-Nevada Conference of the United Methodist Church, San Francisco